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The mission of Ciudadano Inteligente is to strengthen democracy and reduce inequality in Latin America, promoting transparency and citizen participation through through the innovative use of informational technologies.

We work with the vision of transferring power from from the few to the many, every time the political and economic power concentrates itself in an artificial way. To do this we make use of transparency, informational techologies and collective participation as instruments of change.

Who we are

We are a secular and nonpartisan organization that respects and defends political, cultural, social, religious and sexual diversity. We look to contribute to a fair and inclusive society, where we all as citizens possess the same rights and opportunities.

Political independence

The members of Ciudadano Inteligente aren't apolitical, but just the contrary: we consider good policy to be a essential tool of social transformation, and as such, we intend to generate the appropriate incentives to ensure that policy works well, hoping that those who hold positions of popular representation have a duty to their citizens, and not to other particular interests.

The members of Ciudadano Inteligente are all of diverse political leanings; however, as an organization we do not affiliate with any political party or movement. In order to assure our complete independence, Ciudadano Inteligente does not receieve financing from the government, from political parties, nor any trade organization that has political interests. Also, by means of a rigorous process, we assure that all of our research and reports depend on transparent and solid methodologies, open to scruitiny of any person who wants to inquire. The political loyalty of Ciudadano Inteligente is held in the citizenship, in the care and in the deepening of democracy as a system of government.

Our areas


We develop web technology in order to ensure transparency, to oversee and to make ourselves informed citizens that participate in the the decisions that affect us. In our digital workshop, we develop technology of and for the citizens. We innovate in the the development of open source web applications, intended to promote transparency and civic participation in Latin America.


We work to promote and influence policies of transparency; strengthen and expand the right of access to public information; to encourage and strengthen citizen participation; and increase a larger and better accountability of governments across Latin America.

Community and networks

We understand that we are apart of a social fabric, and by the same we connect citizens, NGOs and hackers to look for technological solutions to political problems. Our work is collective. Ciudadano Inteligente promotes the development of communities and networks between civil society, volunteers, civic hackers, the public sector and all organizations that share the vision of deepening democracy with transparency, participation and technology.


These are the rules under which we operate

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The Foundation is a place where whatever type of discrimination for political, religion, gender, sexual, etc. motives are excluded. We defend the right to be different.
The Foundation is a work place that welcomes with open arms innovation, ideas and dreams in order to change power relations from a few to many.

Declassification of Fundación Ciudadano Inteligente

Next FCI makes transparent situations or conditions that in the eyes of the citizen that could compromise the interest in the acting of our organization. We opt for transparency because we don't have anything to hide. Beyond any interpretation of the facts listed below, the commitment of Ciudadano Inteligente and its team is with the fulfillment of our mission, which is, distribute power from the few to tha many through transparency and citizen participation, using informational technology as a tool of change. The members of Ciudadano Inteligente have subscribed to endorse the transparency of any situation que that could compromise the interest of our Fundation, and will refrain from participating in areas that could represent a conflict of interest.

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Our funding

Amounts in USD

Funds 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016
Avina 8.200 5.200
Hivos 64.852 180.747
1 Financiamiento DAL 7.000 11.700
1 Google 60.000 250.000
MySociety 381.500 444.741
Omidyar Network 150.000 175.000 249.958 200.000
Open Society Foundations 245.000 130.000 195.400 199.833 199.745 189.907
2 Open Society Foundations (RLTL) 145.927
National Endowment for Democracy (NED) 29.918
1 Prize award 14.000 10.000
UNICEF 2.674 58.417 47.411
1 UNITED NATIONS 63.958 63.300
1 World Bank 45.000
Total 364.000 546.950 798.400 717.300 752.825 676.463

1 For these funds there are no reporting requirements.

2 Funds granted to the Red Latinoamericana para la Transparencia Legislativa, to divide among participant organizations.


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